What Is Dissonance?

Dissonance involves a clash—of musical notes, of ideas, of beliefs. Sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes ugly, sometimes simply unpleasant. But, those who listen closely may find value and true beauty in dissonance: the cacophony of two notes juxtaposed with the harmony that follows, two unlike ideas which force us to question our established beliefs. TEDxPurdueU invites you to join us at our virtual event, “Dissonance,” and discover the ways in which dissonance enriches our lives and challenges us.

Date: March 20, 2021
Time: 12pm EST
Location: Airmeet; more details to follow


Open Lounge

11:30AM - 12:00PM

Join us for conversation before the Main Event


12:00PM - 12:02PM

Beginning of Main Event

Feleceia Wilson

12:02PM - 12:18PM

"The Workforce Needs People With Down Syndrome, Now More than Ever"

Dr. Sorin Adam Matei

12:18PM - 12:32PM

Purdue College of Liberal Arts Associate Dean of Research discussing dissonance and data as the core mechanism of strong stories


12:32PM - 12:45PM

Short break before the next set of speakers

Frankie Wilson

12:45PM - 12:59PM

"From Determinism to Dissonance and Beyond" Reflection on how dissonance has appeared and altered paths historically, how to embrace dissonance

Siya Goel

12:59PM - 1:11PM

High school student who created a mechanism/tool for pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Mathieu Hocine (Kid Francescoli)

1:11PM - 1:31PM

Song Exploder-type exploration of conflicts seen throughout process of songwriting and production

Lounge Break

1:31PM - 1:45PM

Short break before the next set of speakers

Dr. Carolin Frueh

1:45PM - 1:58PM

Purdue University Aeronautical Engineering Professor discussing "the useful and the useless at university - from human freedom and space debris"

Adam Met (AJR)

1:58PM - 2:15PM

Utilizing the "engagement ladder" that drives fans involvement in the music industry to engage the public in action against climate change

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